Discover Khai Dinh tomb with Hue city Tour

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 Visit Khai Dinh tomb with Hue city tour

Khai Dinh tomb is located in Chau Chu mountain near Hue in Vietnam. It was built for the Nguyen Emperor Khai Dinh. Khai Dinh is the 12th King. He had 12 wives and only one child. He also died young at 40 years of age. As a monument and mausoleum, this impressive funeral tourist spot was built from 1920 to 1931 taking 11 years to complete. The tomb is a blend of Western and Eastern architecture. It is located on a steep hill.

Khai Dinh tomb in Hue city tour:

 Like Thien Mu pagoda, Khai Dinh tomb is also chosen to be one of the most famous destinations listed in Hue tour or Hue city Tour.

Among the tombs in Hue city, Khai Dinh tomb is the smallest but most impressive. The Imperial tomb of Khai Dinh Hue has been declared the most majestic imperial tomb throughout Vietnam. The beauty of this tomb will blow your mind off.

Khai Dinh chose to build his tomb by modern materials like concrete, slates, and wrought iron, hence its appearance is quite gray and imposing. The imperial tomb of Khai Dinh is so elaborate and with so many details, Khai Dinh, he had to go to the French to buy steel, iron, cement and tiles. The emperor also sent ships to China and Japan to achieve ceramics and stained glass needed for the Tomb.

After visiting Thien Mu pagoda, the Citadel, Dong Ba market in the morning, tourists will continue their Hue city tour 1 day by visiting Khai Dinh tomb, as well as other tombs. Visiting Khai Dinh tomb, tourists will have to admire its beauty and impression.
Join Hue city tour and visit this tomb which is the most impressive attraction in Hue and is not to be missed for its elaborate wall tiles, decorations, unique architecture, a huge self-styled stone-carved gazebo, and antique collection from the king; with ceiling painting and statue figures in the front courtyard above a flight of steps.

The entrance fees for this tomb. The entrance fee for Khai Dinh tomb is is not included in Hue city tour 1 day. It is about 100. 000 vnd. All tourist sites in here are opened all year long. Entrance fee is even free on big holidays such as the first of Lunar New Year and National Day (September 2nd). Khai Dinh Tomb opens from 7.30AM to 5.00AM. 

Khai Dinh tomb is really worth visiting when you travel to the beautiful Hue city.

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