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 Hue city tour 1 day- discover Imperial Citadel

Hue city is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the central of Viet Nam. Tourists coming to Hue city mainly choose The Citadel, tombs and pagodas to visit because of their ancient beauty. Especially, the Imperial Citadel, which is always listed in most of Hue tour 

 Join Hue city tour to visit the Imperial Citadel

 The citadel-palace complex is located on the North bank of  Perfume River, inside Hue city. It is a huge complex covering an area of 10 square kilometres (520 hectares) and comprising three circles of ramparts- the exterior circle called Kinh Thanh Hue (Capital Citadel) mainly used for defense, the Hoang Thanh or the Royal Citadel which consists of temples and palaces used for ceremonies and the innermost circle, the Forbidden Citadel (Tu Cam Thanh), the one reserved for the Emperor and his family.  

The Imperial City of Hue was declared World Heritage by Unesco in the year 1993. It has long been a must-see attraction for tourists visiting a hidden charm of Vietnam. The Imperial City of Hue was actually a walled fortress and palace belonged to the ancient city of Hue which was a capital city of the Nguyen Dynasty for 140 years date back from 1805 until 1945.
The Imperial Citadel is protected by a high outer walled fortress in which 10 Gates allowed access to the interior of this restricted place and a surrounding moat with waters taken from the river. Although you must enter the citadel through the main gate called Ngo Mon gate, you can exit it at several other points. The citadel can be easily identified even if you are standing across the bridge on the other side of the river mainly because of the 33.4m height flag tower.

The Citadel is said to be protected by the two sand dunes: The Con Hen and Con Da Vien on the Perfume River. They are chosen as geomancy condition "dragon on the left, tiger on the right" to protect the capital city. Ngu Binh Mountain in the south is used as a front screening elevation.

Due to the various wars that ravaged the area known as Indochina the Citadel of Hue suffered multiple damages throughout history. Palacios burned by flames, areas in restoration and unfortunately, can be seen today, a part of the complex was lost because of the bombings. However, the restoration works have managed to return a portion of the beauty and the lost greatness.

There are also famous royal tombs and temples of Kings Nguyen outside Hue Citadel. Seven tombs with different aspect are not only a wonderful arch but also combining beautiful, imposing nature and poetic of Hue. Ancient Hue including Perfume River and Ngu Mountain, palaces and citadels, tombs and temples with hundred of historic years are being embellished and recovered by material contribution of Vietnamese and International community in order to keep Hue City as World cultural heritage.

If you are interested in discovering Hue city and want to see how beautiful and impressive the Citadel of Hue is, let's join Hue city tour. Joining 1 day with Hue city tour 1 day, tourists will have a chance to visit not only the Citadel but also famous tombs and wonderful places in Hue. 
The Citadel is open every day, so tourists can visit it anytime with. Hue city tour- a daily tour, The entrance fee is 150.000vnd for the Citadel and 100.000vnd for each tomb.

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