Bach ma national park- an ideal tourist destiantion in Hue

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The Bach Ma National Park is one of the beautiful parks in Vietnam, located in central Vietnam between Thua Thien Hue and Quang Nam, 40 km and 65 km from Hue to Da Nang. With many animal and plant species, it is recognized as one of the centers with biodiversity in Indochina. If you want to see some nice nature in Vietnam, then this is one of the places you can visit. I can not express how beautiful it was, book Bach Ma national park tour and come there to have a panoramic view to the city of Hue.

Bach Ma tour - an interesting tour in Hue

All buses between the two towns stop at Cau Hai lagoon, the village at the foot of the Bạch Mã Huế. However, the best way is to hire a private tour with a private driver from Hue for going to the Bach Ma nationalpark. It takes  a 2-hour drive from Hue to Bach ma National Park . At the park entrance, the visitor center, you pay the 40,000VND entrance fee and get a map. It's not a great map for hiking, but it will just about do. The road for going to the summit is quite nice with beautiful views. The winding concrete road is made for cars, not hikers, and there is almost no shade for the 17km ascent.  The driver drops you off on the top where you can enjoy the view. There is a small trail which goes through the forest that will take you about 45min. It was great overview from the mountain. Water can be bought at the park entrance, otherwise the only water available on the climb up is from a couple of trickling waterfalls after about 10-11km. Water, drinks and food can be bought from the guest houses at the top, the first one is 14km from the park entrance, 17km from the Cau Hai road. 

After that, we went to the 5 lakes trail at Km 17. The entrance of the Bach Ma national Park is located behind a kind of construction, you will see a wood panel. After 5-10 min walk you will arrive at a cross turn right "it's indicated" few minutes later you will arrive at another cross. Here you have 2 choices. Right you will take the easiest way "better if you go there with children or with flip-flop" Left is the "adventure trail" it's very slippery, but there is a rope which is really helpful. The trail is really beautiful but sometimes "challenging". I recommend taking a bath in the pool n°4 the best one and accessible with both ways. FYI you cannot swim at the waterfall! Once your body is fresh keep going and follow the indication to get to the top of the waterfall.The view from the top of the waterfall is spectacular! The trek is not that difficult (except maybe the steps down to the base of the waterfall, but we didn't do that part because it was starting to rain). Definitely a better experience for nature-lovers than Ba Na Hills for example.  You can also walk down the waterfall if you are eager to walk more than 600 high stairs back and forth. 
At the end of the day (3 pm) you meet your driver at Km 16 for going back to Hue. Finish Tour Bach Ma. I also recommend to bring your own food for the lunch and bring ani-insect cream as well as suncream.

Avoid to be there at Vietnamese public holidays; it gets very busy and noisy then.

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