Hue city is a famous tourist destination in the Central Vietnam. It's not only well-known for many beautiful landscapes but also for its peaceful atmosphere. Coming to Hue, everyone wants  to visit as many places as possible. They often choose to discover Hue by themselves by bike or motorbike, others choose to take part in Hue city tours. Each option has its own advantages. However, for those who want to save time, save money and visit the most famous places in Hue, taking part in Hue tours is a good choice.

New experience with Hue city tour - small group tour

Nowadays, there are many tours in Hue for you to choose such as Hue city tour 1 day, Hue city tour half day, and Hue city tour small group. I would like to recommend you to take part in a new Hue city tour which is held by VM Travel, a tour operator located on Le Loi streets, Hue city.

In the morning, The guide and car will pick you up at your hotel in Hue city centre and start the tour. 
The first destination in the tour is Thanh Toan bridge, a tile roofed bridge located in Thanh Toan village. Here, you can visit Thanh Toan museum, learn about the daily life of local people. You can also visit a local market with many products and interesting dishes. The next place you will visit in the tour is Minh Mang tomb, which is considered the most majestic of all of the Royal tombs. Famous for its architecture, which harmoniously blends into the natural surroundings.

The third place to visit is Khai Dinh tomb, which is a blend of Western and Eastern architecture. It's a tomb which is small but unique. After visiting Khai Dinh tomb, you continue to visit Nam Giao Esplanade. It is the place where Nguyen emperors came to preside over sacrificial offering ceremonies to God.

In the afternoon, when all tourists are quite hungry, they will take to a local restaurant to taste local food such as Spring rolls, "banh cuon thit heo",... After lunch and taking a short rest, tourists continue to visit the Citadel - the home of Vietnam's last royal dynasty - the Nguyen Dynasty. An Hien garden house will be the next point. It is the most typical house that remains its original and standards of a Garden house.

The last place to visit is Thien Mu pagoda - the oldest pagoda in Hue city with seven storeys and beautiful views. At 4:00  you will get on the boat and cruise along the Huong river to see the sunset and comeback to the city. It's a long journey with many places to visit, isn't it? Therefore, if you have a chance to visit Hue city, do not forget to book this Hue city tour. A small group tour with many interesting points to visit will brings you a wonderful trip.

The trip excludes entrance fees and personal fees, but includes lunch , water and car. Hope you have a good trip with the tour I have recommended for you.

Hue bears in itself dreamy and quite beauty. However, it is also busy and crowded. Just 3 days, you can discover all the beauty and destinations of the city of Hue. I traveled to Hue last week and had a wonderful trip.  Now, I would like to tell you some of my experience so that you can hold your trip when you want to travel to Hue.

Let's go for a 3 day trip to Hue city

Hue with soothing scenery, tranquility of the people and scenery. Here, I feel like there are no compassion in my heart, once let go of everything. Once coming to Hue city,  I was overwhelmed in front of its beauty. My first impression about Hue is the citadel and royal tombs such as Minh Mang tomb, Khai Dinh tomb, and Tu Duc tomb. They are really beautiful and have unique architecture. They are also harmonious with the nature and hue people.

At first, I planed to choose to visit all destinations in Hue by bike because I think that Hue is quite small and peaceful,suitable for driving a bike. However, Because of the hot weather of Hue, my friends and I decided to book a tour in Hue instead of going ourselves. Hue city tour 1 day is a good tour I recommend you to choose when travelling to Hue. With Hue tour, you don't need to do and worry about anything as it includes all for you such as car, lunch,...  After visiting the Imperial city and tombs, we had lunch at a local restaurant and here we had a chance to enjoy many local delicious foods. Then we continued to visit Thien Mu pagoda and got on the Dragon boat to cruise along the Perfume river. It was an interesting experience for us. 

In the evening, we walked along Nguyen Dinh Chieu street on the bank of Huog river to watch the corlorful Truong Tien bridge and the lights of the city.

The next day, we continued our trip by booking a tour to Bach ma national park day trip, this park is quite  far from the city so that we arrived the park quite late in the afternoon. In the park, we visited Hai Vong Dai and had a  panoramic view of the mountains, lakes, pass and lagoons. Next place in Bach Ma we visited was Five Lakes and Do Quyen waterfall. They are really impressive. We stayed there until 4 pm and come back Hue to enjoy the food called " bánh ướt thịt heo quay".It was really a special food I had ever seen. The last day in Hue, we chose to visit Elephant Springs. The spring is not very beautiful but quiet and wide. It is the best place to go on the hot days. Swimming in the cool water made us comfortable and relaxed.

If you have a chance to travel to Hue, do not forget to visit the destinations above. I believe that you will also have a wonderful trip like us.

Whenever people mention or talk about Hue, their subjects are often  the dream beauty and the great romantic of the ancient city. Because Hue is gorgeous, graceful and  designed with separate strokes of the ancient capital, it has the beauty of nature combined with supernatural tranquility, harmony with the mind and the human condition, which makes our soul peaceful.

Discover the beautiful park in Hue - Bach Ma park

You can see the beauty of this lovely place with Hue city tour . From the smallest ones in the lifestyle of the people here, the gentle beauty of the girl with conical hat, the modesty Hue charming girls also make scenery become more attractive. Today, the ancient capital of Hue still preserve in the heart of the cultural heritage and the intangible object contains symbolic value and soul of Vietnamese people. For several centuries, many of the country's elite refined converge here for a culture deeply imbued to complete for a great  landscape painting which is charming and poetic.

Most notably, Bach Ma National Park Hue  - a paradise of nature. Coming to Bach Ma, you have the opportunity to admire the extremely interesting landscape . Bach Ma National Park is located in Thua Thien - Hue, 40 km from Hue City. Before becoming a national park, Bach ma has a lot of interest because of the popularity of biodiversity resources of many species - rare plants.
For those who love nature and the beauty of the mountains, would be surprised to witness the mighty peak of Bach Ma which stands between heaven and earth. Being famous tourist spots of Hue, Bach Ma Park  has plenty of places to visit such as Rhododendron Falls, Great Lakes, Vong Hai Dai with the beauty of the mountain and sky like a picture. From Hue, along Highway 1 approximately 40km south of the town of Cau Hai, then turn right around 19km, visitors will arrive at Bach Ma Gate.

Coming to Bach Ma Nationalpark, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the interesting trails as the trail leads to the waterfall crested argus Tri Sao - where many Tri Sao live. With waterfall Rhododendron, Bach Ma National Park vietnam has long been a popular tourist destination in Hue, but anyone who loves nature all hope to have once in a lifetime to conquest it. The dotted special things that make up the picture of Bach Ma National Park is certainlly indispensable Rhododendron Falls, which is considered beautiful with captivating colors between vast green forest.

Moreover, Vong Hai Dai is the highest point in this park. From here you can see Lang Co Bay, Lake Truoi,.. Vong Hai Dai and Ngu Ho is about 5 km, is a set of five lakes in 5 different high points. The 3rd Lake in Five lakes is said to be the most beautiful with cool spring water..

If you have a special occasion to travel to the sunny and wind area and explore the heritage road as Hoi An, Phong Nha Caves, Imperial citadel, you will feel getting charm of this place, which makes you reluctant to leave! Especially if you go to Hue City Tour, you can not ignore the Bach Ma National Park, an ideal stopover to travelers! Come and feel all the beauty of Bach Ma now!
Hue is famous for many beautiful landscapes and unique architecture. Many tourists coming to Hue have to recognize that no city in Vietnam has the quiet and romantic beauty like Hue . Travelling to Hue, the best way to discover most of the famous destination only in 1 day is to book a Hue tour. If you also want to cruise on the boat along Perfume river, you had better take park in Hue city tour. However, if you do not follow the program of the tour or you do not want to be limited the time and the places to visit, you can explore Hue by your own way. Iif you are travelling to Hue and wondering what to do in Hue, this article will help you. Below are three destinations in Hue that I think you shouldn't forget to visit in Hue whatever ways you choose to visit Hue.

You shouldn't miss these three places when coming to Hue city

Try to visit these three following attractions when you travel to Hue city.

1. Imperial Citadel

Famously being one of Vietnam’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Imperial City of Hue has long been a must-see attraction for tourists visiting a hidden charm of Vietnam. In fact, The Imperial city is the most popular place which is always listed in most of the tours especially Hue city tour 1 day and full day. Visiting it, you will understand about the feaudal time in Vitnam, and learn more about the Nguyen's dynasty. Therefore, you shouldn't miss this important place if you are traveling to Hue.

2. Garden house in Hue

Nowadays, there are not many garden houses in Hue. The beautiful garden houses of Huesuch as Long Hồ, Ngọc Hồ, Huong Long, Kim Long, Nguyệt Biều, Lương Quán, Dương Xuân, Vỹ Dạ, Bao Vinh ... are formed along the Perfume River. The most notable one is An Hien garden house. An Hien Garden House is located in Xuan Hoa Village, Huong Long Commune, Hue City. An Hien Garden has been described as a fine, sharp, and unique work by many writers. In the garden, many kinds of flowers grow. There are popular kinds of flowers such as jasmine, pergularia, pomegranate, sunflower, climbing rose and indigenous roses. In Hue there are many daily Hue tours whose programes include visiting this place. Visiting the garden house, you will understand more about Hue ancient architecture of local people's house.

3. Lang Co beach

Lang Co beach has 10 kilometers length, belongs to Lang Co commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue. The beach is far about 24 kilometers from Hai Van Pass and Bach Ma National park. Lang Co Beach is peaceful, pristine with a fine white sand, azure sea, has been voted the world's most beautiful bay. Here comes Lang beachfront resort with peaceful scenery and tranquil, suitable for visitors to left behind the noise of the urban place and enjoy a crelaxing day. It is a beautiful place of tourism in Hue.

Do not forget to visit these above places when travelling to Hue. Visiting the, you will have many memorable experiences.
Another favorite holiday spot during the French colonial era, Bach Ma National Park Hue remains a landscape of uncompromised beauty despite having suffered the brunt of several wars. Coming to Bach Ma to sightsee the majestic scenery blending the mountains and the sea... Bach Ma Mountain is a protected area in central Vietnam, near the city of Hue. It covers 220 km2 and comprises three zones: a strictly protected core area, an administrative area, and a buffer zone. If you are traveling in hue and want to find a place to relax, come to Bach Ma Hue.

Bach Ma nationalpark and its attractive things

The mansion which has been restored and embellished again will give you a fully furnished bedroom. On the top of the mountain, you remember waking up early to watch the sunrise with many brilliant images such as the sun, clouds, wind, blue sky and green grass...

In addition, Bach Ma National Park is also known by the trail such as Tri Sao Trail (it leads you to Tri Sao Waterfall. There are many of these birds), Do Quyen Waterfall Trail (it leads you to the top of the Do Quyen Waterfall which is 300m in high and has many azalea flowers. They blooms in March and April), Five Lakes Trails (there are five green charming lakes will await you to bath and play with in the late summer), Hai Vong Dai Trail (at the end of this way, you are in altitude of 1,450 m. From here, you can see the vast landscape of the majestic mountains to the sea. This is the most famous trail in Bach Ma because it has many collapsed mansions which are the evidence of a golden tourist period.

The scene from Bach Ma mountain
Furthermore, the climate here is very special. The temperature here is always lower than in the surrounding areas. Bach Ma mountain peak was the highest point in the park before extension at 1450 m above sea level, and is only 18 km away from the coast. In summer, the climate around Bach Ma Peak is cool. This is also one of the wettest areas in Vietnam with annual average rainfall of about 8,000 mm, what creates the world of the abundant biological diversity in Bach Ma Park with 2,147 plant species and 1,493 animal species. Moreover, 27 plant species and 66 animal species listed in the Vietnam Red Book. 

Today you can still find many interesting plants and animals; the Park is a habitat for precious species which are at risk of extinction. Bach Ma National Park on its own is reason enough to visit Hue and Bach Ma park.

Contemplate the ancient tombs of Hue and enjoy the sweet moments that Bach Ma National Park tour gives you.
Traveling to a new place, we often want to visit all of the most famous destinations.You are going to Hue, and you are wondering what to do and how you can visit as much as possible this city?  When tourist coming to Hue, the best way to visit most of the destinations is taking part in Hue tours, especially Hue city tour. Hue city tour 1 day will bring you wonderful memories that you will never forget. 

What to see in Hue city tour 1 day

Hue city tour full day is a full of fun journey. Hue is one of the oldest cities of Vietnam. The Creator has given the most quintessential things and the most mysterious ones to Hue. The climate characteristic of Hue is fog, drizzle or rain. Left behind the noisy streets, you can find the disengaging minutes when traveling on the roads along the bank of the Perfume River. The characterized feature of the imperial city is Perfume River. Tourists can walk on the shores of the river or go along the park and contemplate the unique sculptures on the way. . The central land is not only famous by the ancient architecture but also known for rustic dishes.

The main attraction is Hue Imperial Citadel – the large architectural complexes, including palaces, fences, gates, shops, museums, and galleries. Nearby are the tombs of the Nguyen emperors. If coming here in a misty day, guests will feel particularly admire the impressive worship places of the Nguyen kings in the history of Vietnam. Many famous tombs which have the architectural style combining Vietnam Buddhist architecture and the harmony with nature, people, environment, and history is Tu Duc Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb and the Tomb of Khai Dinh. Visiting these tombs, you will understand more about the history and life of Nguyen Kings.

Besides these tombs, Hue city tour will lead you to Thien Mu pagoda - the oldest pagoda in Hue city and Thanh Toan bridge - a special tiled roof bridge located in the countryside. Exploring Hue is one of Vietnam's greatest pleasures and this day tour reveals the fascinating history and spectacular beauty of this town. Hue is a city of unchanged tempo. While in Hue, you should slow down to truly absorb an awakened living and make yourself available to new opportunities for transformation.

Really, Hue city tour 1 day is worth taking part in. Join Hue city tour now and discover the beautiful Hue city

If you are wondering about where to go, what to do in Hue and how to have a wonderful memory in Hue, come to Bach ma with Bach ma national park tour. Bach ma national park. Bach Ma National Park Hue - the name of the famous national park in Vietnam as well as the world with many "monopoly" flora and fauna samples of Vietnam in the World Red Book.
Many writers think that Bach Ma park is like a dowry that nature bestowed on human. But Bach Ma also has the own fate and has repeatedly experienced the bitterness by historical volatility and slices of thinking. Whenever likes that, Bach Ma etched onto deep scars again more...

Spend a day exploring Bach Ma national park

Bach Ma is the administrative boundaries of two provinces in Thua Thien-Hue and Quang Nam, with 37 487 ha area in which the center of the majestic mountains are located in Phu Loc, Thua Thien-Hue. 

From the district administrative center area to the Bach Ma top nearly 20km, the whole steep mountain passes are tortuous and mazy.Vong Hai Dai, where the altitude 1,450 meters above sea level, people always have to cower before the universe because it is small enough to find themselves by being blended into nature, like clouds, like wind.

Do Quyen waterfall in Bach Ma national park

However, standing on the top of the mountain, people often feel to something very lonely, especially when four surfaces are unfrequented. Sometimes, from the telescope, we can watch that natural marvels in the vicinity of Bach Ma only have two iron columns. Bach Ma National Park had already been famous in a long time because of its beauty and legend; it is one of the wonders in the Great Lakes but it is still primitive with bold. Even though, there is no investment, the Great Lakes is a place which cannot help visiting. 

The next one is Do Quyen Waterfall, one of the most beautiful and largest waterfalls of Bach Ma. It is named after the way in March blooming many azalea flowers. Addition to diversified flora and fauna system, BachMa National Park has also many rare medicinal plants.
Are you planning to discover this place? Do not hesitate... Just enjoy the quiet moments of Bach Ma immediately!!!