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Hue city tour- the best way to visit Minh Mang tomb

Minh Mang Tomb is in Huong Tho Commune, Huong Tra District, on the Cam Khe mount and on the west bank of Perfume River. It is about 12km south of Hue City center. This place is where 2 tributaries join to form the picturesque Perfume River. Minh Mang tomb now is listed in most of Hue tour in general and Hue city tour in particular. 

Minh Mang tomb in Hue city tour 1 day:

Minh Mang tomb now becomes one of the famous places in Hue city which attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists coming to visit every day. To visit Minh Mang tomb, tourists are offered to join 1 day with Hue city tour. Hue city tour 1 day will help you not only visit Minh Mang tomb but also have a panoramic scene of Hue city by guiding you through many famous and attractive places including the Citadel, other tombs, pagodas, markets, hills,..

The construction began in September 1840. While the tomb had been building, Minh Mang was sick and passed away in January 1841. King Thieu Tri continued completing the tomb according to his father’s plans. And it was completed after 2 years. 

In Hue city tour 1 day, tourists will visit Minh Mang tomb in the afternoon by bus after visiting Khai Dinh tomb. Each tomb has its own feature and brings tourists different feelings. Minh Mang tomb is a reflection of the Chinese architectural concepts, recommended sightseeing by its monuments, statues, gardens and especially the bridge over a Lake of lotus flowers which gives access to the Imperial Minh Mang tomb

About 40 monuments comprise Minh Mang’s royal tomb, all on an oval 44-acre lot surrounded by a high wall. The complex is bisected down the middle by a straight path about 2,300 feet long, along which the monuments are arranged. (Contrast this with Tu DucTomb, whose monuments are arranged along two axes – one for the palace and living quarters, and another for the necropolis.) 
The whole arrangement is surrounded with reflective ponds fringed with pine trees. 

Tourists must climb 33 stone steps to reach the tomb. In addition, visitors can see the poems in the stele pavilion, Hien Duc gate, Sung An temple and Minh pavilion of Vietnam’s early 19th century. Coming to Hue, visitors will have a unique impression in Minh Mang tomb about ancient architecture and solemn space. 

Besides Hue city tour 1 day, tourists can either take a boat or go via car to go to Minh Mang tomb. By car, the tomb is approximately 40 minutes drive from the centre of Hue city. By boat, it is approximately 2 hours. The entrance fee is 100,000VND. However, Hue city tour should be the best choice if you want to have a wonderful trip without thinking about the road, English guide, or services. Join Hue city tour and start to visit Minh Mang tomb now.

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