Dragon Bridge in Da nang on the way from Da nang to Hoi an

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Da Nang is one of Vietnam’s principal port cities. Located in the south-central region of the country, at the mouth of the Han River, Da Nang is an important commercial and educational center as well as a critical transportation hub. On the way from Da nang to Hoi an, if you have time to enjoy a night in Da nang, don't forget to visit the Dragon Bridge.

Visit Dragon bridge before going to Hoi an from Da nang

Dragon Bridge was built in 2009 and cost a reported US$85 million. This modern bridge crosses the Han River at the Le Dinh Duong/Bach Dang traffic circle, providing the shortest road link from the Da Nang International Airport to other main roads in Da Nang city, and a more direct route to My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach on the eastern edge of the city. The bridge was designed and built in the shape of a dragon and to breathe fire each Saturday and Sunday night at 9 PM. 

The sloping steel arch making up the dragon's body is the longest structure of its kind in Vietnam, measuring a total of 1,191 ft (568 m) and weighing more than 2,000 tons. The main stretch of the 123 ft (37.5 m) wide bridge is bookended by two 420 ft (128 m) side sections.The bridge is 1,864 foot long. To create the illusion of an enormous dragon soaring through the sky, a dragon's head is perched on one end of the structure, a tail on the other.

As a symbol of the Ly Dynasty, the dragon is a meaningful creature in Vietnamese folklore. In the lore, the dragon is known for flying to the sea and bringing back good luck. Residents hope that with a dragon soaring high through their sky, luck will continue to shine on the bustling city. And with the onslaught of media and spectator acclaim that the bridge has brought in, it seems as if they won't be disappointed.

Thanks to the bridge, Da nang attracts a lot of tourists every year. The opening of the bridge not only gives Da Nang an instantly recognizable landmark, it's done much for the city's development in a remarkably short time.  
Da Nang's original Han River Bridge is also illuminated by LED lights, but it lacks the circus-like appeal of its newer sister.  But if you stay up late enough, this older span will also provide you with a spectacular show. The bridge was designed so that its massive deck could swing 180 degrees. In the middle of the night, it does just that to allow ships from the busy harbor to move upriver. 
Many tourists stop in Da Nang on their way to the ancient capital, Hue, and the historic town of Hoi An. They often visit Da nang before taking the trip to Hoi an from Da nang With its fire-breathing spectacle (and overall user-friendliness compared to Vietnam's other more chaotic large cities), Da Nang is bidding to become more than a pass-through point on Southeast Asia's tourist trail. 

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