My Khe beach - a beautiful beach on the way from Da nang to Hoi an

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Da Nang has a coastline of 30 kilometres long, famous for many beautiful seashores stretching from the north to the south such as My Khe, Nam O, Xuan Thieu, Thanh Binh, Tien Sa, Son Tra, Bac My An, Non Nuoc. They are calm seas with green water during four seasons, not being polluted with 60% salination and high safety. With 900 meters in length, My Khe Beach is the most crowded of Da Nang beaches and popular to local people.

My Khe beach on the way from Da nang to Hoi an

From Da nang to Hoi an, tourists have chance to visit some famous places in Da nang such as Linh Ung pagoda, Marble Mountains, and especially My Khe beach which makes me impressed at the first time visiting it.

The famous My Khe Beach, better known as China Beach, has become a popular destination for locals as well as tourists visiting Vietnam from all around the world. It is located off the South China Sea on the coast of Vietnam in the city of Da Nang, stretching for more than 20 miles long, which makes it the biggest and one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire region. The way to Hoi an from da nang is really a wonderful road for tourists to explore the beauty of  this beach.
 Fortunately, the beach is right next to the city centre of Da Nang with roads that make it easy to come by many means of transportation. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, China Beach in Da Nang was where thousands of American soldiers went to spend a few brief days of their leave in what must have seemed like paradise for them during the hardships of the Vietnam War.
At My Khe beach on the road from Da nang to Hoi an, visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim in the clear water or a long walk on the clean grainy white that continues for miles. Behind the beach is a dark green poplar forest plus it has coral, abundant plants and creatures along the shore as well as under the sea. During the monsoon season, the high surf at My Khe Beach is the perfect stop for surfers. This is most definitely considered the best surfing beach within Da Nang. Although it may not be the most developed beach, it is certainly a peaceful and relaxing place to spend a quiet day at the beach.
It is not the typical vacation beach that most would expect to visit since it does not have an overwhelming amount of food stands or souvenir shops within the area. However, it does offer a tranquil atmosphere along with a picturesque setting. With its romantic as well as amazing scenery, it is clear and easy to see why visitors fall in love with this beach. It is no wonder why My Khe Beach is considered one of the best beaches in not just Da Nang but in all of Asia!

Let's take part in Da nang to Hoi an tour and make your road from da nang to Hoi an become meaningful.

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