Visit Thien Mu pagoda in Hue city tour

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Thien Mu pagoda- a famous destination in Hue city tour

If Hanoi is famous for One pillar pagoda, Hue is known for its Thien Mu pagoda. The architecture, location and history makes Thien Mu pagoda become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hue City. Therefore, Thien Mu pagoda is always listed ịn Hue city tour

Thien Mu is one of the oldest and loveliest religious structures in Vietnam. It was constructed beginning in 1601. Thien Mu pagoda (Heaven fairy lady pagoda) is a Buddist temple situated on Ha Khe hill, on the north bank of the Perfume River, in Huong Long village, 5 kilometers from Hue city, which is easy to reach from the city center by bus, motorbike, bicycle or boat. However, in Tour Hue, especially Hue city tour 1 day, tourists are often offered to visit this pagoda by boat along the Perfume River so that they can observe the romantic sightseeing on the way.

 Legend of Thien Mu pagoda:

The name of the pagoda comes from a legend:  Once upon a time, local people saw an old lady in red appear every night on top of the hill. She foretold that:  one day, a Lord would come there and build a Buddhist temple for the country’s prosperity. From then on, the hill was named Thien Mu Son (Mountain of Lady from Heaven). When Lord Nguyen Hoang actually went pass the hill, he heard the legend and decided to build a pagoda and named it Thien Mu. Having gone through a lot of eventful phases, damages as well as renovations, today the pagoda still exists and remains the unofficial symbol of the ancient  Hue city.

 Phuoc Duyen tower is a feature of Thien Mu pagoda. It is built in front of the temple. It has seven storeys, is 21 meters tall and is the tallest such structure in Vietnam. Cruising along the river, you can easily see this tower from the far distance.

What to do in Thien Mu pagoda:

Tourists coming to Thien Mu Pagoda can choose to do many different things, like burn incense and pray for blessings, sit on the wall to observe the special Huong River, or walk around the pagoda to explore the garden or observe the monks' praying time inside the pagoda or watch them as they sweep the yard or go about their daily routines, enjoy the beautiful sunset on the Perfume river. Those images bring you to a peaceful feeling never achievable in the hustle and bustle of the daily life.  Listed is the most famous destination in Hue city tour, this place brings many interesting things as well as historic memories to tourists.

Because of these features, Thien Mu pagoda attracts many domestic and foreign tourists coming to visit and is chosen to be the first destination in most of Hue tours

Besides this pagoda, 1 day with Hue city tour, tourists can visit famous tombs and beautiful landscapes such as Imperial citadel, Khai Dinh tomb, Tu Duc tomb, Minh Mang tomb, Conical hat village,.... Thien Mu pagoda is really the best starting point for tourists who want to discover this beautiful city.

 Join Hue city tour  and visit Thien Mu pagoda to have a wonderful time when you are in this city.

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  1. very very more infomation of Thien Mu Pagoda, thanks!

  2. enjoy a day in Hue with hue city tour Liem Phan Thanh, you will have a wonderful time

  3. enjoy a day in Hue with hue city tour Liem Phan Thanh, you will have a wonderful time

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