List 6 things to do when visiting Hoi an

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 After visiting modern Da Nang city, many people often choose the ancient town of Hoi An as the next destination for their trip. The trip from Danang to Hoi an will be more interesting with these activities.  Hoi An retains the beauty of an ancient time that many people look for. There are many fun things you can do in this ancient city. Below are 6 things that tourists should do when they come to Hoi an.

Enjoy your great time in Hoi an after visiting Da nang

1. Through the corner to catch everyday moments

Most of the alleys in Hoi An are really nice. If you are in Hoi an, do not miss the chance to go through the alleys there. Though they are small, you can be very interested in the daily life of the ordinary people. On the small streets, you can see several street vendors swing his load, several groups gathered together,  children frolic, ... These moments make Hoi an very special in comparison with the bustling Da nang city.

2. Enjoy the typical dishes of Hoi An

Go to Hoi An without enjoying the food over here is a great regret. It's very easy to find delicious cakes, mixed dishes with mussels, my Quang,...  in Hoi An, from customers to the roadside restaurants on Tran Phu, Phan Chu Trinh, ...

3. Take a boat to sightsee Hoai River

Having a seat on the boat and cruising along the Hoai river is probably one of the "elegant pleasures" that you should not ignore when coming to Hoi an. Sitting on a small boat, with the ticket price of around VND30,000 / 1 person, you will stroll on the river a long round to see Hoi An in a new angle. From the town, the boat drifts farther smoothly and takes you to the rustic setting, peaceful villages which are different - through green grasses and trees, ...

 4. Go to Hoi an beach

Unlike many other beaches, Hoi An beach retains its wild character:  not too much touched by the human hand. As you know, Hoi An Beach is ranked in the top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world.  Cua Dai Beach, it attracts tourists by coconut trees in the wind. Despite the sweltering sun, the water is very cool and strange. Lazing in the sand and seeing coconut leaves rustle above and the waves slap beneath will give you extremely exciting feelings.

If you have visited My Khe beach on the way to Hoi an from Da nang, Hoi an beaches seem to be very different and attractive.

5. Visit Japanese covered bridge and Hoi Quan

Hoi An’s most celebrated icon is the Japanese Covered bridge which lies on the west end of Tran Phu. Its pinkish hue, ornate roofing, and arched frame have been restored to the original design. Built in the 1590s by the Japanese, the bridge hosts a temple and is guarded by monkey and dog statues.
Japanese covered bridge and Hoi Quan are places in Hoi An which keep reminding everyone thinks of.  With deep cultural - history, Japanese covered bridge and Hoi Quan are two destinations you should not ignore.

6. Walk on the streets when the city lights up

In Hoi an, tourists can see flickering lanterns shining in the night. Colorful lanterns create a dreamy and virtual space for the ancient town. Walking on the streets  without lights, Hoi An shines its own way. Several children sit on the river bank and display their  colorful lights. Many people often hold a small lamp and drop it down to the river so that the water washed away their own dreams and make their wishes come true one day ... Hoi An is a place containing so many desires, beliefs.

There are plenty of things for you to "enjoy" great time in Hoi An, join them and have your own feelings.

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