Visit Bach Ma national park in Hue and travel to Hoi an

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Besides Hue city tour, many tourists coming to Hue city often choose to take part in Bach Ma National Park tour. Bach Ma national park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Vietnam. Bach ma Nationalpark is considered the second Da Lat in Vietnam because the climate here is always cool. This is a good place for tourists to relax and discover nature.

A trip to Bach Ma national park with my friends

Two days ago, my friends and I took a trip to Bạch Mã Huế by booking a private car with a tour guide. The car drove us to the top of the mountain Bach Ma. Here we could see the panoramic view of Hue city including lagoons, lakes, mountains, ports, pass,beaches,...such as Cau Hai lagoon, Truoi lake, Hai Van pass, Lang Co beach,...

Our trip was very interesting. I had a chance to visit Five Lakes and Do Quyen waterfall. Although we had to walk through the forest for a long time with tiredness, we were very happy when we could challenge ourselves. Trekking to Five Lakes and Do Quyen waterfall was very a hard trip, but an exciting trip also.

Everyone coming to Bach Ma national park should spend at least 1 day to visit it because it's very large and have many things attractive. The best time to take part in Bach Ma national park day trip  is from March to August because this is the dry time in Hue. 

You should come to Bach Ma in the morning so that the sun will be not too hot and you will have more time to visit many places in the national park.

after finishing visit the national park, you can enjoy a famous dish called " banh uot thit heo" on the way coming back Hue city. It's very good and be worth trying.

After the trip, if you do not want to come back Hue, you can continue your trip to Danang or Hoi an. Because Da nang is between Hue and Hoi an, you will go from Hue to Da nang, visit Da nang, then take service Da nang to hoi an by car to travel from Da nang to Hoi an. on the way to hoi an, if you want to stop to visit some places such as Linh Ung pagoda, My Khe beach, Ngu Hanh son, you can take Danang to Hoi an tour.

Hope your trip in Vietnam will be a wonderful time in your life. Travel and make your life relax.

Huynh Sanxe


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