Bach ma national park - a beautiful resort

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If having a chance to visit the central Vietnam, tourists have seen many unforgotten memories at Hue tour.  From Hue city along the highway 1A in Danang approximately 40km, before going to the Hai Van Tunnel, visitors turn into a small road to Bach Ma National Park. It is located next to market Cau Hai, go forward about 3 km and you will reach a major gate into the garden. Bach ma is really an interesting destination for tourists who want to discover the beauty of nature and relax after a hard-working day.

One day with Bach Ma national park tour

Hue Tour with Bach Ma National Park is often the special contemplative one because it takes visitors much time to enjoy all beauties of Bach Ma Hue. From the center of Hue city to Bach Ma National Park is about tens of kilometers and then you will start a journey to conquer it, even reaching the top of Bach Ma. In fact, if you have not enough time and strength, you cannot finish that trip to discover its real meaning. However, you will receive many priceless gifts with exquisite paintings about nature like spectacular mountains, which you can only see them in romantic films. 

Among immense green mountains and forests, there will have sometimes birds’ chatter and wind’s whispering. Bach Ma National Park Hue has more than two thousand kinds of plants which are full of rare plants like agarwood, cypress. This garden has nearly 1.500 kinds of animals and many species have not been discovered or known. Here there are the full of interesting trails as Vong Hai Dai Trail to the peak of Bach Ma – Vong Hai Dai, Do Quyen Trail to the powerful Do Quyen Waterfall, Ngu Ho Trail to five beautify, pure and magic lakes, Tri Sao Trail to bustling waterfalls and noisy stream... and the nestled villas like Phong Lan Villa, Sao La Villa, Do Quyen Villa, Kim Giao Villa, Truoi Lake, Thien Vien Truc Lam, Khe Su Garden...

 All of them contribute to creating a Bach Ma painting which scores many unforgettable imprints for each of tourist. If traveling to Hue, tourists can’t help reminding of Bach Ma. It will make you relaxed in discovering your journey yourselves! Click here to know what tourists often do in Bach Ma national park at night.

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