Bach Ma National Park Hue – a mountainous woman with a full of the flavors

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Bach Ma National Park is the National Park about 60kms from Hue City to the south. At an altitude of 1.450m compared to sea level, Bach Ma’s climate as Sa Pa’s, Tam Dao’s and Dalat. Here there is the abundant flora lush around year and animal diversity with countless birds.

Bach Ma national park Hue - a landscape painting

Bach Ma Mountain is famous for many beautiful streams and spectacular waterfalls. From Highway 16 along the Cau Hai – Bach Ma, visitors will walk under a small road about 30 minutes in order to arrive at Do Quyen waterfall that has 400 meters high and 20 meters wide suddenly appears like hanging in midair. On summer days, at both sides of the waterfall, Azaleas will bloom like two giant silk flower carpet. In the center of the resort, Silver waterfall has 10m high, 40m wide as a white curtain swaying before the wind. Continue your journey through the forest walk to the Kim Quy Stream – Bo Cap Valley for sightseeing, bathing in the Five Lakes and immersing yourself in the shimmering waters of the five-lake system and a series streams and magical waterfalls.

Bach Ma National park has 1,286 plant species and 723 animal species. At the present, Bach Ma National park Hue consists of about 139 beautiful villas built in the special architectural style as Morin hotel and the mansions of their senior officials including Than surname and Ho Dac’s one making Bach Ma picturesque face on generous hills. The famous sights of the Bach Ma are Do Quyen waterfall, Hoang Yen stream, Hai Vong Dai, Tri Sao Trail.

The value of Bach Ma national park Tour is a natural landscape and climate (temperature 18 degrees C - 23 degrees C), with many alpine uplands, dissected creating fauna and flora is rich and diverse. Ecotourism services in full have formed several tourist routes, food service, relaxation ... With many roads like Tri Sao Trail, Do Quyen Trail, Ngu Ho Trail, Hai Vong Dai Trail and some other venues. The infrastructure here is quite developed as a French colonial villa which has been restored as research stations; campgrounds ... 

Come and admire the natural beauty of Bach Ma Mountain - a mountainous woman with full flavors.

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