Enjoy a nice day in Hue city with Bach Ma national park tour

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Hue city is the home of Bach ma national park, which has a diversity of faunas and floras. Come to Bach Ma National Park - an ecological tourism in Hue tours, you will enjoy the cool weather in summer (just 18oC to 23oC) and explore the tropical forest ecosystems with flora and fauna diversity. Coming to Hue, besides Hue city tour, you should take part in a trip to this beautiful park.

Bach ma national park - a special park in Hue city

Hue Tourism is traditionally known for the special magnificent natural path and people will deeply passionate with scenes there. If the stop of Da Nang has Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hills or Marble Mountains, people coming to Hue will be attracted by Bach Ma National Park with many wonderful landscapes such as Five Lakes, Do Quyen Waterfall, Vong Hai Dai and so on. It makes tourists immersed its beauty and forget the way back.  

hue city
 Over nearly three-quarters of a century, we can say the appeal of Bach Ma remaining intact. Among the 139 villas were built in the 1930s and so far, the residual ones are about 10. They are invested and exploited by a travel agency famous in Hue.

Besides the ideal weather conditions, Bach Ma Park is one of the richest ecosystems in Vietnam with 10,000 hectares of forests, thousands of species of rare plants. It is also known for its breathtaking springs and magnificent waterfalls as Do Quyen, Bac Waterfall and the amazing trail route as Tri Sao Trail, Do Quyen Trail, Five Lakes Trail, Vong Hai Dai Trail...

on the way to Bach Ma national park
One day at Bach Ma National Park Vietnam has four seasons. Just a few hours walking to Vong Hai Dai and going down, we will spend three seasons: summer, winter and autumn. The landscapes and monuments mix together there to create an extremely attractive, charming and unique feature.

Bach Ma National Park Hue is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Furthermore, it has a strange attraction, which makes indifference people excited and lured. To make this appeal, Bach Ma is not owing to the only valuable ecosystem, ownership of rare plant and animal species but also the picturesque landscapes or the exquisite pictures by talent painters.

The best time for visitors to enjoy Bach Ma is in summer and early autumn because this time has fresh air and even a little chilly there, which makes travelers’ journey to discover and conquest more interesting.  

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