Hue - a great starting point for many tours

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Hue is an ancient city which is located in the Central of Vietnam, between Quang Tri and Da nang. Hue, Quang Tri and Da nang are three of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Central Vietnam. Many people choose Hue to be the first point in their trip, then from Hue, they take some tours to other cities. Hue is not only a beautiful city but also a wonderful and ideal starting point for tourists on the trip discovering Vietnam. 

Hue city and tours from Hue 

Travelling to Hue, tourists have a chance to take part in some Hue tours such as Hue city tour 1 day or half day to discover the Citadel, royal tombs, pagodas, bridges and markets. Cruising along the romantic Huong river to relax, see the sunset and listen to Hue folk songs performed by Hue artists. 

Besides these popular tours, tourists coming to Hue can also choose some eco tours such as Tam Giang lagoon tour or Bach Ma national park tour. Tam Giang is the largest lagoon in Hue, spending one day enjoying the cool atmosphere and fresh seafood in Tam Giang is a wonderful thing that everyone travelling to Hue should do. Bach ma national park is about 50km from Hue city. It's 1450m above the sea level. From the top of the Bach Ma mountain, one can see the whole city with lagoons, Truoi Lake, Truc Lam Bach ma monastery, Lang Co beach, Hai Van pass,... Joining Tour Bach Ma, you will have a chance to visit Hai Vong Dai, Five Lakes and Do Quyen waterfall. After finishing the tour, you can enjoy a special Hue food called '" Banh uot thit heo quay " at Mr.s Suu restaurant near Cau Hai lagoon. 

You can also spend time on Thuan An beach, Elephant springs, Thanh Tan alba resort,.. to relax in their cool water. Elephant spring is situated on the way from Hue to Da nang. It is a favourite destination of many local people as well as foreigners. The tours above are tours inside Hue city. Besides them, when tourists come to Hue, they can control their trip totally because Hue's position is very convenient to travel. From Hue, you can book a Hue DMZ tour to Quang Tri to visit Hien Luong bridge, Ben Hai river and Vinh Moc tunnels. This tour is a good choice for tourists who want to understand more about Vietnam war. With the price only from 19$, you can easily book this tour from a travel agency in Hue. 

Moreover, from Hue, you can book a tour to Da nang or Hoi an. Da nang is 105km south of Hue city. It is a modern city with many beautiful and famous landscapes as well as impressive architecture. Like Da nang, Phong Nha is also a destination that tourists often  choose to visit when visiting Vietnam. Nowadays, there are many tours to Phong Nha from Hue city, so  do not worry if you are travelling in Hue and want to visit some caves in Phong Nha,

Hue is really an ideal starting point for your trip in Vietnam. 

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