Some feelings when standing on Bach ma mountain

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Bach Ma National Park Hue - the name of the famous national park in Vietnam as well as the world with many "monopoly" flora and fauna samples of Vietnam in the World Red Book. Many writers think that Bach Ma is like a dowry that nature bestowed on human. But Bach Ma also has the own fate and has repeatedly experienced the bitterness by historical volatility and slices of thinking. Standing on Bach Ma mountain, I feel my life comfortable and my soul connected to nature.

Bach Ma national park - an endless inspiration to discover the nature

Bach Ma is the administrative boundaries of two provinces in Thua Thien-Hue and Quang Nam, with 37 487 ha area in which the center of the majestic mountains are located in Phu Loc, Thua Thien-Hue.

From the district administrative center area to the Bach Ma top nearly 20km, the whole steep mountain passes are tortuous and mazy. Vong Hai Dai, where the altitude 1,450 meters above sea level, people always have to cower before the universe because it is small enough to find themselves by being blended into nature, like clouds, like the windHowever, standing on the top of Bach ma mountain, people often feel to something very lonely, especially when four surfaces are unfrequented.

Sometimes, from the telescope, we can watch that natural marvels in the vicinity of Bach Ma only have two iron columns. Bach Ma National Park day trip had already been famous in a long time because of its beauty and legend; it is one of the wonders in the Great Lakes, but it is still primitive with bold. Even though, there is no investment, the Great Lakes is a place which cannot help visiting.

The next one is Do Quyen Waterfall, one of the most beautiful and largest waterfalls of Bach Ma. It is named after the way in March blooming many azalea flowers. Addition to diversified flora and fauna system, Bach Ma National Park has also many rare medicinal plants.

One day with Bach Ma national park tour, I feel my life meaningful and I hope there will be more and more people coming here like me. Standing high from the top of the mountain and looking at the scene below are very interesting.

Are you planning to discover this place? Do not hesitate... Just enjoy the quiet moments of Bach Ma immediately!!! Click here to watch the video about the itinerary of Bach Ma tour.

Huynh Sanxe


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  1. Sometimes, from the telescope, we can watch that natural marvels in the vicinity of Bach Ma only have two iron columns.